Another Pinkle Doodle

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2015-01-09 23.58.59

Another doodle of Pinkle the Pandaren. :)

Pinkle the Patient Pandaren

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Pinkle the Patient Pandaren by ltread on DeviantArt

Rolled up a new Pandaren in WoW the other day and decided to make some experimental drawings of him. I kinda picture him as this slothful-looking chillax hippie kinda dude.

I’m aware that, the way I’ve drawn his muzzle and such, he looks more like a bear-panda cross than a full-on panda, but I’m okay with that right now. Maybe he’s got an ancestor Furbolg named Baloo! ;)

Sketchbook Stuff

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Have a couple of wrestling-related drawings from my sketchbook! :) Featuring Dean Ambrose and Triple H (with Triple H's nose).

2014-12-16 13.07.21
2014-12-16 13.08.48

More art here!


Simon Peters

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More Simon Peters by ltread on DeviantArt

Have I talked about Simon? I don’t think I have.

Simon Peters is a wrestling manager in the world of Mixed-Humanoid Mayhem. He’s unmarried, no children, and in his early fifties. He’s also a goblin, and his current name isn’t the one he was born with.

When he was younger, Simon was a wrestler himself, but he wasn’t very successful. Part of that was because people didn’t (and still don’t) take small people wrestling very seriously. (Kinda like they don’t in the real world.) Of course, it didn’t help that Simon really wasn’t very good athletically; his knowledge and passion for the business far outweighs his physical skill.

Anyway, that was back in the 1950s — MHM starts in the year 1978. Simon’s been at this managerial thing for some time now, looking for that one talented young wrestler who he can mentor to fame and fortune.

He just may have finally found her.

Simon Scribbles

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Since I’m still incredibly blocked on getting Mixed-Humanoid Mayhem off the ground (seriously, I can’t ever seem to get past page three) and bulling my way through said block isn’t doing much, I’m taking a step back and to the side to revisit character designs.

This means there’ll be lots and lots and lots and lots of drawings of Simon and Hazka and all the folks they’re bound to come across. This also means I’ll probably post up the six pages of test comic I did for Illustration.

I’m going for a forced evolution kind of thing here, figuring that the more and quicker I draw these characters, the sooner they’ll get to where they look right. And where I won’t be thinking so much about how to draw them.

And maybe in the process I’ll learn how to stop overthinking things so much. :)

Simon Scribbles by ltread on DeviantArt

Simon Scribbles Part 2 by ltread on DeviantArt

Doc Ock and Old GarouMUSH Logs

Doc Ock <3
New Doc Ock fanart by yours truly.

Also have completed all old GarouMUSH logs through end of May 1997. ( Slow progress still being made, so yay!


GarouMUSH Logs

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Hey, for those of my followers who are or used to play on GarouMUSH, I'm ever so slowly working on getting up an archive of ALL yes ALL of my GarouMUSH logs:

Hazmat's GarouMUSH Logs at Dreamwidth



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For those wondering, it's true -- Roomhates is still kinda on a hiatus. I think I got another couple of strips up on the main site but until I get 100% better and get 100% caught up on my coursework, the strip's likely to remain on hiatus. Which might be through the rest of the semester. Which suuuucks, yes, but college stuff has to take priority. :/

Worst case scenario, the strip stays dormant until I finish my degree up at the end of Summer I (end of June).

So it goes.

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Roomhates #85

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And with that, I'm sad to say, "Roomhates" is going on hiatus for six weeks. I'll likely upload some sketches and progress work to the main site.

The strip will resume normal updates on Feb 22.

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